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the riding

Alpine hillsides are rarely as fruitful in the way of singletrack as that of Les Arcs. The area covered by the lift network is vast, with open expanses up high and tall trees on the lower slopes and rides offering up to 2,000metres of descending…


It’s a huge area so we recommend always riding with a guide or taking directional advice from your chalet hosts. There is a trail map, but the hunt for the best non-official trails is what makes this area the Alps’ underground riding hot spot for those in the know. Riders and guides here are fit, skilled and knowledgeable.


There is no better way to describe the riding of Les Arcs than sublime. For those coming from Britain, the loamy soil and the riddle of tree roots that make up the majority of the lower trails will appeal as being similar in nature to British riding, but of course on a much grander scale…with lifts to the top for run-after-run. You can also head out into the big, spectacular wider area of mountains with ease for all-day epic rides and stunning views. It’s quite a special place.


Talking of lifts, one of the better ways to access superb terrain is to ride the trails that run off the funicular railway. The train can be picked up from the valley floor on the outskirts of Bourg, it runs all day and will quickly cover 800metres of altitude, depositing riders at the head of many long singletrack rides back down. Particularly if you don’t want to ‘mess around’ with any uphill riding this is a good way to get a lot of time on the bike.


There is riding to cater for every level and for all tastes. The official downhill tracks consist of digger-formed berms, rollers and jumps with the most challenging track being that of the Avalanche Cup downhill race, which boasts towering corners, super high speeds and massive launches. Cross-country rides can offer anything from valley-floor trails to beastly climbs into the backcountry and more-or-less any terrain imaginable. For singletrack fiends there are endless delights in the shape of soft, loamy trails under the forest canopy with technical rooty, rocky challenges a-plenty and rarely a hint of man-made structures or, indeed, other trail users. Rides are generally long with descents ranging from 15 to 50minutes and above.


Trails for the large part traverse the mighty mountain but incorporate rocky, rooty sections making them best suited to all-mountain bikes with kneepads and backpack a must.

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